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These tracked machines with mower attachments are great for getting rid of underbrush, briars, small trees and mulching them back into the ground. This has worked very well on Fishers Island turning wild invasive bush back into attractive native grasslands and wild flower meadows attracting wildlife. It's a very fast and economical way to open up a piece of land with little or no chance of erosion.
We take pride in doing a great job! With over 30 years of experience we can handle any job. Starting out working alongside my father in the late 70's than branching out to where i am today, Having worked for many towns, cities in CT/NY from small house lots to large subdivisions/commercial sites. Also a long history of work (since the early 80's) on fishers island for many private estates, navy, ferry district, f.i.d.c.o., fishers island club to name a few.