This is a repair of a 80 year old retaining wall. Being a remote site with limited access smaller machines were Utilized for most of the construction also a barge to set large boulders in front of wall as a energy break. Resetting all fallen original rocks repointing them. Then we pumped heavy construction grout behind the wall to fill all the voids increasing the integrity and mass tying everything together. There was a steep area of bank we installed stabilization fabric with rip rap to protect it from any erosion. New concrete cap, integrated stairs, replanted all disturbed areas of vegetation. This wall should last another 80 years!!

  This is a typical seawall slope stabilization in West Harbor, Fishers island, NY. Importing material to reshape the eroded bank/compacting then digging a trench below finish grade for toe rocks, installing stabilization fabric, 12" of small rip rap, setting large toe rocks then setting the rest of the wall rocks in a staggered seam arrangement. This wall used upwards of 600 ton of rock