New construction sub-surface infiltrator system, will get stone around it then fabric and backfill. 

​Plowing drip tubes into field area

48" manhole with laser set up for a 200' run of 6" SDR @ 2%

 Sewer Service

Water Recycling 


Road crossing with sewer under storm drain/power conduit and 10" water main.

Testing unit takes a sample every hour for 24 hours to determine nitrogen reduction of system.

​Large water reclamation tank for recycling rinse water at the Fox Hopyard golf course.

 Residential Septic Systems

​1,500 gal tank D-box and 2 leaching pools with stone

​​​This is a site specific grinder pump chamber with PVC house adapter set ready for backfill, This will feed a Oakson Drip Dispersal System ( pictured below ) with custom gravel filter designed to reduce nitrogen released from system by having the sun and vegetation absorbing a large percentage of it.

​Hybrid Nitrogen Reduction System